Trevor West Designs

Hi there,
I’m a Designer & Developer,

with a passion for crisp design and clean code.

My Work

Here are a few pieces I’ve been working on lately. Click the button below to view more.

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Skill Sets

Listed below are a set of skills that have come in handy over my career. Check them out
and see if they fit your needs.



Graphic & Web Design
Web Development

Project Strategy


Adobe Creative Suite

Brand Identity

Innovative Design

Mobile & Responsive




WordPress CMS

Drupal CMS

Magento CMS

JQuery (knowledgeable)



About Me

In college I developed a strong interest in the technical aspect of design and a keen eye for visually stimulating design. The web design field appeals to me because of the potential to enhance the elements by giving them movement. I am constantly seeking exposure to new and innovative site designs and functions from responsive design and development, to CSS3 and HTML5 standards.

I have worked for clients from a broad spectrum of industries and gained knowledge to accommodate their individual web design and development needs. My experience has challenged me to stretch my comfort zones and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.


Want to get in touch?

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